Boy Ignorant

Boy Ignorant

In a time of boredom, lack of inspiration and social distancing, what happens when ignorance hits an eager boy?


We are happy to present you our first self produced short film named Boy Ignorant. This is a pre-sequal to a coming short film series in the making. This short film resulted in eight thousands views in our Instagram profile only, and had an impact at our community by word-of-mouth. This short film was reviewed at the Four Films Short Film Festival during the first lockdown of the pandemic.


Starring: Egil Mikael, Heidi Elo Alnæs, Payji Alnæs-Katjavivi

Written & Directed by: David Vu

Director of Photography: Aleksander Haugdal

Producers: Kunal Bhart & Mohamud Abdirashid

Executive Producers: Yasmin Hero, Umar Khalid, Kunal Bhart & David Vu

Color Grade: Aleksander Haugdal




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