Frozen Liquid

Frozen Liquid

Water has three forms. We wanted to make a video interpreting two of these formes, frozen and liquid. In this exhibition shoot, we took the trip to Lofoten, Norway. Our designer Chris Le had designed this full outfit for a project at his school. We wanted to give life to this outfit and directed and produced this video. Frozen liquid was mainly posted at our social media profiles, and gained a lot of traction. This video reached out organically to 5000 users through our profile only, and was shared more than 100 people across Instagram. Still remaining as one of our top engaged content yet.


Frozen Liquid

Directed by: David Vu & Yasmin Hero

Design by: Chris Le

Stylist: Yasmin Hero

Cinematography: David Vu

Producers: Kunal Bhart & Umar Khalid

Assistant Producers: Jeenu Mahadevan & Mohamud Abdirashid

Model: Ossama Boua


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