«Hkeem» is the debut album for the Norwegian artist Hkeem, and we created this short film for the album release. The short film takes on the intricate relationship between a sister and a brother after their mother passed away. The brother has ambitions of becoming an artist which goes against his sister wishes, where the sister is just trying to follow their mothers will. When the protagonist is presented an opportunity in LA, it creates conflicts in the household. In collaboration with the artist, we created a narrative in a short film format. The short film was showcased after the release of the album to give the storytelling of the album another perspective.


Director & Writer: David Vu

Styling & Art direction: Yasmin Hassan

Producers: Umar Khalid & Kunal Bhart

Camera Operator: Tommy Haugen

Production Assistant: Abdikhadir Abdullahi

Gaffer: Alexander Christoffersen

Boom-Operator: Frida Leknes


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