Puma #ForAllTime

Puma #ForAllTime

We got the opportunity to deliver this campaign video for the #ForAllTime Campaign that projects Puma Suede shoes. Puma wanted to rebrand their Suede collection from their earlier dance-related associations. We thought of showcasing this rebrand campaign through The Quickstyle. The Quickstyle started their journey as dancers, and have now each of their own passions and ambitions which they are reaching for while staying together as a team. Their passion stays true while their love for dance is unharmed. They still keep on dancing together while learning new platforms and skills.


Puma #ForAllTime Campaign Video was posted by @thequickstyle and gained across five thousand likes, and over 1000 shares only throughout Instagram.


Thanks to Wai Tsui, Puma and The Quickstyle for this opportunity.


Vision by: Vimo Media

Directed by: David Vu

Produced by: Umar Khalid & Kunal Bhart

Styling and Art Direction by: Yasmin Hero


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