Sorry Not Sorry | The Quickstyle

Sorry Not Sorry | The Quickstyle


Sorry Not Sorry is a new show we developed together with The QuickStyle to challenge their craft creatively, along with a humiliating twist.


The basis of the concept is that 2 teams will go up against each other, where each team gets a song and a guideline which they need to implement in their routine. The song concept for the shows variates for each episode, but they always have music from different cultures. We also invite new judges in every episode together with the main judge Bilal Malik. Up until now, we have had Chirag from the famous Norwegian band Karpe, and also several dancers from Quick Style Studio, as judges at the show. After the dance performances, the judges choose their favourite team, and the losing team gets a punishment.


Sorry Not Sorry is our first show, which up until now have been super popular and successful for The QuickStyle brand. All-together combining the 6 episodes of season one, we have gained 3 million views on Youtube only and it’s still increasing. This has boosted The QuickStyle channel with 100 000 followers, and the show is top three in the YouTube search section of “Sorry Not Sorry”. The dance performances only have 7 million+ views, summing up to a total of 10 million views, and we’re only talking about YouTube. This show is converted to engaging content on social media; Instagram & Tiktok. Thousands are asking for another season of Sorry Not Sorry, which is right around the corner.


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