Hør her’a Movie

Hør her’a Movie

We have had the pleasure to collaborate with the team behind the captivating Hør her’a movie – released on Norwegian cinemas September 2023. Our mission was clear – to craft a compelling social media strategy that would not only increase the movie’s visibility but also engage audiences in a way that resonated with the film’s essence.


TikTok Triumph:

In just 30 days, we orchestrated a remarkable transformation, propelling Hør her’a from a nonexistent TikTok presence to a thriving community of 2144 followers. The key to our success lay in crafting content that not only entertained but also piqued the curiosity of potential viewers. Through a carefully curated mix of behind-the-scenes footage, challenges, and interactive content, we sparked a TikTok frenzy, accumulating an impressive 45,450 likes and fostering genuine engagement.


Instagram Branding Boost:

Simultaneously, we turned our attention to Instagram, reshaping the movie’s branding to captivate a broader audience. Leveraging our creative prowess, we had a increase in followers by 800%, establishing a visually cohesive and compelling presence that resonated with fans of the movie.


Strategic Storytelling:

To reinforce the connection between the audience and the movie’s narrative, we introduced a captivating mini-series “Tour De Groruddalen” exclusive to social media platforms. The series showcased the main characters exploring the very locations where Hør her’a was filmed. This approach not only humanized the characters but also immersed the audience in the movie’s world, creating a playful and youthful ambiance that mirrored the film’s spirit.


Driving Engagement to Cinemas:

Our strategy went beyond mere social media metrics. By strategically integrating calls-to-action within our content, we motivated the growing community to experience Hør her’a on the big screen in Norway. The result was not just online engagement but a tangible impact at the cinemas, driving traffic to the cinemas.


The success of our collaboration with Hør her’a is a testament to our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding our clients’ expectations. By seamlessly integrating creative storytelling, social media expertise, and strategic branding, we not only elevated the movie’s social presence but also contributed to a successful cinematic journey.


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