Sweetmint, a Oslo-based local snacks and candy store, embarked on a transformative journey to redefine its brand identity, digital presence, and market positioning. With a thriving physical store but limited online visibility, Sweetmint recognized the need for a comprehensive strategy to expand its reach and enhance customer engagement in the digital sphere. Before partnering with Vimo Media, Sweetmint lacked a cohesive brand identity and digital & online strategy. Their online presence was virtually nonexistent besides their high engagement on Tiktok. They had an outdated website and minimal branding on their socials. While their physical store flourished, the untapped potential of e-commerce remained largely unexplored.


Our Approach:

Understanding the significance of a strong brand identity and digital presence, we collaborated closely with Sweetmint to develop a strategy tailored to their unique needs. Our approach encompassed the following key elements:

1. Brand Identity Overhaul:

We commenced the transformation journey by reimagining Sweetmint’s brand identity. A vibrant, playful new logo was meticulously crafted to reflect the essence of the brand, infusing it with fresh energy and appeal. Additionally, we curated a dynamic color palette and designed captivating visual elements that seamlessly translated across both physical and digital touchpoints.


2. Website Revamp:

Recognizing the pivotal role of the website as the digital storefront, we conceptualized and executed a complete overhaul of Sweetmint’s online platform. The new website was thoughtfully designed to enhance user experience, featuring engaging visuals, intuitive navigation, and interactive elements. Pastel hues adorned product backgrounds, injecting a sense of whimsy and charm while showcasing Sweetmint’s diverse offerings.


3. Social Media Reinvention:

To elevate Sweetmint’s social media presence and drive e-commerce sales, Vimo Media revolutionized their approach to content creation and advertising. High-quality, professionally curated visual content replaced mobile footage, capturing the attention and imagination of the target audience. Strategic social media advertising campaigns were deployed, leveraging captivating imagery and compelling messaging to amplify brand visibility and drive conversion.


4. Community Engagement Initiatives:

In alignment with Sweetmint’s values, we created a series of community engagement initiatives to foster meaningful connections and drive brand advocacy. From charity events supporting humanitarian causes to innovative live shopping experiences, each initiative served as a catalyst for positive impact and garnered widespread acclaim across social media platforms, while increasing their sales significantly.


Results Achieved:

Through our collaborative efforts and strategic interventions, Sweetmint experienced a remarkable transformation, yielding tangible outcomes and driving sustainable growth:

  • E-commerce sales surged by an astounding 250%, propelled by the rebranded website and targeted social media advertising.
  • The redesigned logo and brand elements permeated across various touchpoints, including store signage, packaging, and window graphics, reinforcing brand consistency and visibility.
  • Community engagement initiatives, such as charity events and live shopping experiences, garnered significant attention and bolstered brand reputation, fostering a loyal customer base and driving advocacy.
  • Total funds raised through charity events amounted to 180,000 kroners, underscoring Sweetmint’s commitment to social responsibility and community impact.
  • The brand’s enhanced digital presence garnered widespread acclaim and engagement on TikTok and Instagram, further amplifying reach and driving brand affinity.


The journey of Sweetmint exemplifies the transformative power of strategic branding and digital innovation. By redefining its brand identity, enhancing digital channels, and fostering community engagement, Sweetmint not only expanded its reach and market presence but also solidified its position as a socially conscious brand.


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