Little Simz – Gorilla (Dance Video)

Little Simz – Gorilla (Dance Video)

Gorilla – A dance piece by David Vu

This video is a exhibition project we did for Little Simz track “Gorilla”. By implementing movement direction & dance with visual storytelling, we aimed to create a dance video which is both fun, creative and easy digested content for David Vu’s social channels. The project was executed in two days. After 1 day of choreographing and putting together with the dancers, we went into production.


The response of Gorilla was overwhelming! The video got a total of 1,4 million views organically on Tiktok, getting attention from huge brands suchs as Vans, Hypebeast, the artist herself Little Simz and many more. Gorilla was shared by over 5500 users, and saved by over 25 000+. It also gained a great response on Instagram with a count of 127000 views. The response is still ongoing and increasing as of now. We had so much fun working with this video, and will keep on creating more content like this.


Directed & Choreographed by: David Vu

DP: Kyunghoon Lee

Set design & Styling by: Yasmin Hero



Kyrena Heier

Kunal Bhart

Rafael Guzman

Dilen De Zilva



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