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MarketingHow to conquer the year of 2023 by optimising your digital communication?

How to conquer the year of 2023 by optimising your digital communication?

Digital Communication is heading towards an age of two dimensional communication, range and depth. Range is defined by the total spectre of your clientele segments, while depth covers the amount of communication around your products, values, history and brand culture throughout consistency and frequency. These two key factors are essential to communicate your brand in 2021. We are entering an era of communicating on a one-to-one level spread across multiple conversation platforms. To conquer your target audience, the solutions is, really as simple as to communicate to each customer based on their needs. 

This solution however is achievable by following the key digital marketing trends for 2021. Key trends that results in engaging and growing your current customer audience, while targeting and interacting with a fresh new audience which eventually at the end of the day, leads to your company boosting in traffic, leads and revenue. For boosting your socials in 2021, we have identified these five factors to generating engagement and traffic and upping your digital communication.

1. Use design to showcase your brand image

Creating an artistic and colorful image of your brand developed through moodboards is extremely undervalued in this age. To add exclusivity and structure to your brands visual expression, the art design is as powerful and needed as engaging content.  Exclusive brands use several of art directors and artistic managers to build characteristics and personality to their image. 
Implement design to your companies inbound strategy to attract exclusive customers. Customers seeking value and high performance prefers clean design and quality over reasonable pricing. Use design factors such as logo, tone of voice, color spread and brand character to build up your design apartment.
Brand Design
Video Marketing

2. Improve your communication through video marketing

Video is becoming the standard content format to market your values and energy. We cannot stop saying it. Video marketing is absolutely a requirement to progressively grow your companies digital management. Video has the features to communicate 10 times better than written articles and 100 times better than photos. By video marketing, it is possible to do storytelling in a simple and direct way. Which also exceeds in an entertaining measure, and drives the customers to learn more about your firm. 

Produce videos to communicate campaigns, customer stories, internal management and employees, and behind the scenes at your workplace. Let the customers follow your journey, and make it interactive. There is nothing more engaging than personalised content which allows your company to seem reachable and humanly. Use video to portray your company as the customers needed friend, or their hope to developing themselves. 

Engage through smart formats. Sometimes the simplest content is the most engaging. Don’t let yourself be gauged out by always going for the best camera equipment. Real time video marketing through mobile devices can result in great impact.

3. Build authentic connections through influencer branding

Influencer marketing through organic posts happens to give your content that extra boost you need. Many companies will launch campaigns which focus on influencer discounts and product related statements. Our message is to brand yourself and evolve with your chosen influencers to make an authentic connection. Organic cooperation can benefits both parts. 

As Michael Jordan to Nike, it is possible to boost a brand to new levels depending on the match between the company and the individual. Instead of choosing several influencers and doing one time collaborations, aim to build an influencer through your company. A face which can give your brand a direction.

Organic influencer connections build strong association networks to the followers and cause great impact for those following their footsteps. Create a story, values, and culture together with your custom influencer. Focus on proactive appealing stories rather than lame product placements on Instagram posts as a starter, and see the results for yourself.

4. Multi-channel strategy to your socials

Multi-channel marketing means optimising a multitude of indirect and direct channels both through different social networks but also through web and email survices, to allow potential customers into a funnel of your brand. Multi-channel strategy allows the customer to interact with your company in several platforms or occasions which gives them room for choice. 

Use direct links and pixel codes to monitor the activity in each platform and lead your customers through a journey which often starts through the socials. By connecting your socials to your web, which again follows through to your email listing is a great funnel strategy. Use each platform independently, but always stay consistent to your messaging. Instagram works explicitly for the visual expression of your brand design, while Facebook tells your customers of where to find you, and for product detailed information. Tiktok gives your brand personality, while Twitter gives it knowledge. Choose wisely and give each platform the love and care it need.


5. The year of sustainability

2021. is the year of giving back. Sustainability is a business approach which creates a long-term value by taking into consideration how an organisation operates in the social, economic and ecological environment. Sustainability is a strategic method which fosters company longevity. By the power of the people through social media, news will now spread within the day. By focusing on making statements to these cases, and supporting with charity, even starting these, will expand your audience and raise your brand’s profile.

Act as a strong voice in global and local cases. Be present in today’s situation. People who have a strong sense of social awareness often like to reward sustainable business through word of mouth and social media promotion. Companies which act indifferently in their message and action in term of sustainability, will develop a cognitive dissonance in their consumers, which eventually can hurt their brand enormously. People are getting stronger sense for social awareness by the day, caused by social media. Be updated on today’s cases, and give a clear statement. Supporting charity is as important as your tone of voice. 

The next step

These five factors are a great starting point to boost your companies traffic, generate more leads and gain revenue, but they still don’t represent the complete list. By getting to know your target audience, you will learn more about which trends are more or less valuable for them. It all goes down to trial and error. Build your brand by taking chances, but always staying true to your messaging. These trends will help you establish greater relations with your current customers, while expanding to a new fresh audience as well. 

Want a more detailed and tailored plan of how to optimise these factors for your company? 

Want a more detailed tailored plan of how to optimise these factors for your company? 


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